viernes, 30 de septiembre de 2016

Still life, community values and human connections: the end of the loneliness

Still life, which won the Art Cinema Prize for Best Film and Best Director in 2013 at the Venice International Film Festival, is a charming and thought-provoking portrayal of the work influence in our lives. The movie drama is based on the best-seller La solitudine dei numeri primi which makes the public reflect about their relationships and current affairs. 

The film is set in a village of the South of London and directed by Uberto Pasolini. It tells the story of John May, a council worker who tries to find the relatives of the people who died alone. He is a painstaking person and his quiet life is summarized by his job. Suddendly, his boss decided to fire him because of the cutbacks. However, his obsession to finding the success in his last case will make him feel the excitement and the danger of the unpredictability.

The success of the film lies in its moving portrayal of John's dedication to helping the others even though he is a lonely person too. Eddie Marsan gives an extraordinary performance as John May , who starts to believe in human connections in order to give people the farewell that they deserve. His last case, Billy Carter, changes his life because he will meet his daughter and friends who will give John the adventure and love that he has never had. It shows that human connections and the importance of the little things are the most valuable treasure in the world. The film is well worth seeing and its poignant ending has the public all in tears.